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C4100 Storage Server
C4100 Storage Server:Symmetric Scale-Out NAS Cluster

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Storage Server

C4100 Storage Server

Symmetric Scale-Out NAS Cluster, EACH Node (i.e.,   One Storage Server)

  2U rackmount

  Dual Controllers per node:Each controller has two Intel E5-2620 CPU’s (   6-core 24-threads)

  Supports SSD and SAS hard drives (12 drive bays)

  64GB cache per controller per node (max 256GB); 4x10Gbps Ethernet ports per controller   per node

  Expansion Ports: 4x 6Gb SAS

  Host ports per node: 4x USB2.0, 2xVGA

  Dual power supplies, active/active, 1100W each, 110-240volts, 50 / 60hertz

  Expansion JBOD support: J4100 (High-Density ,4U 60 drive bays) or J4000 (4U 24 bays)

  Symmetric scale-out NAS Cluster, linear scaling of performance & capacity.

  Multi-Entry Service from multiple clients with any combination of supported protocols

  Single namespace for all Cyphy nodes

  Directory-level quota

  Single file system > 16EB

  Single file > 16EB

  Multi-Protocol Simultaneous Service

  File-level RAID (iRAID) and hard disk RAID 0,1,5,6,7,10,50,60; fast recovery time in case of disk replacement

  Automatic alarm system

  Non-disruptive storage node scale-out

  Automatic capacity and load balancing minimal configuration 1 node, maximum 64 nodes

  Supports >1000 Read Only Snapshots and Clones; Snapshot creation in seconds.

  GreenReplicator for cross-node mirroring

  Disaster recovery with asynchronous remote replication

  Data Life-Cycle Management, File Level Retention for legal compliance and evidence   service

  Support flash memory I/O accelerator

  Support Windows、Linux、Mac、Solaris、AIX、HP-UX, etc., operating system

  User interface in local language

  Windows Active Directory, NIS+, and LDAP support

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