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The cooperation between HGST and CYPHY

Publish Time:2013-10-10 Source:Cyphy Technology Hits:710


Set up by the hard disk industry pioneers, HGST devotes to provide personalized storage solution and cooperate with the high-end storage infrastructure. The product line includes enterprise desktop computer, mobile computing device, consumer electronics and personal storage device. Its APAC sales director Huangqingmin pointed out: with the continuous development, storage has become the theme of our era. For enterprises, the key to success is to better understand data storage and optimize storage solution.

After testing, the GM Huangjian of Cyphy, expressed satisfaction with HGST hard drives, especially Ultrastar 7K4000 series, which can meet the demand of data center with the advantages of high-reliability and low TCO.

Ultrastar 7 k4000 series has five kinds of advanced configuration and power interface. The low speed idle mode can reduce electricity wattage 59% during peak hours. The power consumption is only 1 watt in standby and sleep modes, which can better adapt to the demand of data center.


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