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Cyphy -- Wisdom in Cloud Storage

Publish Time:2013-08-16 Source:Cyphy Technology Hits:758

Cyphy -- Wisdom in Cloud Storage

Workshop for cloud storage product & application

"Cyphy -- Wisdom in Cloud Storage"  Workshop about cloud storage product & application was hold in Kempinski Hotel Xiamen on August 16, 2013. It was organized by Cyphy Technology (Xiamen) Co.Ltd and supported by Xiamen Information Bureau. The workshop focused on the storage technology development,

current market situation, and Cyphy cloud storage solutions on the demand of big data era.

We are very honored to have the chief engineer Tongpingping of Xiamen Information Bureau, the deputy director Luobingxiang of Industrial & Commercial Cureau Information Branch, the director Lvweibin of Enforcement Directorate Digital City Management Division, the officer Zhuangminqi of Xiamen Education Bureau Affair Receiving Office, the deputy director Linjinzhou of Xiamen Border Station Technology Department, the vice-president Wuxiaoling of Shenzhen Kingdom Sci-tech Co., Ltd, the professor Chenkang of Computer Science Department Tsinghua University to attend the workshop. The workshop lasted three hours, and probed into five themes: the development direction of cloud storage market and the demand of big data era, storage technology and current market situation, the advantage of Cyphy scale-out cloud storage technology and product, the cooperation with VMware on cloud solution, and Cyphy virtualization solution.

The GM Dr. Huangjian, vice president Wujiang of R&D department, technical director, Liuzheying spoke in turns in the workshop. They analyzed cloud storage development trend and market situation, introduced the advantages of Cyphy cloud storage products: C2100 is the best storage server on virtualizing platforms, and C4100 is famous for secure, easy-to-use, and high performance. Cyphy cloud storage products are regarded as the emerging technologies for secure storage platform in China.


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